Commercial Solar

Commercial solar arrays use larger wattage solar panels and inverter components than their residential counterparts.  They provide power for all sorts of commercial applications, such as large school and government facilities, and are especially applicable for remotes sites, such as telecommunications sites and oil/gas industry applications.  In general, commercial solar systems are grid-tied, whereas many residential solar electric systems are off-grid, or totally independent of utility-generated electric power.

Both commercial and residential solar owners can take advantage of net energy metering, which gives one-to-one credits for energy fed back into the grid from your system.  The exact program and benefits vary by your location and electric company - contact us for the details of your situation.

In addition, there are state, local and federal tax-credits still available for new solar installations, but many of them expire in the next few years. Now is the time to take advantage of these credits!

At Sol Sierra, Inc., our commercial PV solar canopies and installations are designed and engineered to provide 100% of the energy needs of your business. Every system is designed and built to enhance your existing location, whether it is in town or country. Every solar installation provided by Sol Sierra, Inc. is supervised by a NABCEP certified technician.