Energy Storage Systems

Traditional grid-tied solar systems only operate when utility power is available. Without energy storage, a grid-tied PV solar system shuts down during a power outage. Don’t be left powerless when you need power the most! Adding batteries and a backup inverter to your solar installation can provide seamless, uninterrupted power for your household during an outage while still offsetting your electric bill.

When the grid is available, power produced by your solar system is used by your home or business and excess energy is sent into the utility grid. In the event of a power outage the backup inverter will automatically turn on to power critical appliances such as the fridge/freezer, lights, well pump, computer, phone and more. The combination of solar energy and battery storage works seamlessly to provide power to essential appliances during an outage, working similar to an off-grid system. A backup gas generator could be incorporated for an extra degree of independence to protect against long-term power outages.

All of our energy storage packages are complete, code compliant and fully tested by Sol Sierra, Inc.   These systems truly combine the best of both worlds, offering the independence and peace-of-mind of battery storage combined with the cost-savings of a grid-tied system.  Contact us today to help determine the best system for your needs.