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Sol Sierra Solar Energy Systems is a certified, full service solar energy company. They provide a wide range of professional services for grid tied and off grid residential solar systems. Sol Sierra offers their expertise in evaluating your solar energy needs using the home energy analysis tool, state of the art solar system sizing technology and on-site evaluations by appointment. Information gathered during your site evaluation is then used to provide recommendations for a solar electric energy system which will meet your personal energy requirements. Sol Sierra offers you an opportunity to take control of your energy costs in a way which is environmentally sustainable and reliable. Sol Sierra is a participant in the New Solar Homes Partnership Program which is available for new residential construction through the California Energy Commission (CEC) and PG&E. Sol Sierra is also a participant in the Incentive/rebate program for existing homes offered through the PG&E California Solar Initiative (CSI ) solar program. Sol Sierra offers full service on all application processing of your incentive paperwork.


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